Friday, October 17, 2014

Introducing Dr. Grim

Stephanie has Dr. Babymaker, I have Dr. Grim.

Today we had our first consultation with Shady Grove. Beautiful office & very welcoming staff.

But, the doctor... well, I didn't hit it off with him at all. James didn't feel the same way I did about him but then, he wasn't being told he's old.

After we met with the doctor, we met with the financial coordinator and by that time, I was crying.

But, I pulled myself together long enough for her to start going over insurance information (which was pointless as our insurance is changing in January).

Then the nurse came in to talk about our plan of action.

Which is, nothing. There is no plan until January when the new insurance kicks in. We can't start a cycle now and it's not a good idea to cross over years when we know we'll have new insurance in January.

We know the new insurance will cover IVF but we don't know if it's under the same allowances we have now. We assume it will be the same, just different out-of-pocket expenditures.

But, we don't know for sure and won't know for a while. So, we're back to delaying IVF until January (roughly).

While the doctor made me feel like my ovaries are a time bomb about to go off, there was some good news.

We will not have to pay more than $500 for ICSI even though my insurance won't cover it without abnormal sperm samples. Huge relief, for sure.

I don't know, I just left the doctor feeling hopeless. James says it's an overreaction to what he actually said but, did agree that this doctor didn't have great bed side manners.

He was matter-of-fact and, I guess, a straight shooter. But, you want to hear a little positivity, maybe a silver lining from your doctor, right?

Instead, he made me feel like there was a huge long shot but, yeah sure, we'll give it a try. Why not?

James said it doesn't matter if his bedside manner is crap, if he manages to get us pregnant, we won't care.

Yeah okay, I guess he's right. But still, it left a slightly bitter taste in my mouth.

On September 11, I declared that I would get pregnant on my own before January.  Well, I did that but, I guess I forgot to declare that I would get pregnant AND IT WOULD STICK.

So, I'm trying again.

Because I will it so (again), I will get pregnant before January (again) and it will stick. Nine months later I will bring home and happy and healthy baby and never have to utilize Dr. Grim.

Maybe it will work?

Finally, here is the latest from "Does This Baby Make Me Look Fat?"
After all, laughter is the best medicine "they" say.


  1. I am backing you all the way. Here's hoping you do get pregnant all on your own (well, with James, obvs) before January and Dr Grimm can stick his straight talking back up his straight shooter.

  2. Sorry that you have to delay IVF, and that you don't like the bedside manner of the doc :( Fingers crossed that you won't need either.

  3. Waiting is the worst. And I would be sensitive to some medical practitioner telling me I'm old and a long shot, too. Hang in there!

  4. I never understood why doctors would want to be doctors if they had terrible bedside manners. I guess House just liked finding solutions and didn't care about the people with the problems and he was still good, but he's not a real person. :D

  5. When we were trying for O, we had a consult with a doctor at another clinic, and I LOATHED him. Jeff thought I was overreacting as well, but I did not want to work with him. So we went to another clinic. Shady Grove is a big place, maybe you can ask to work with another doctor there?

    1. That particular office only has the one doctor but, there is another one rather close by so I might switch to that one.

      I'm going to give it until January and see how I feel.

  6. Praying you won't need their services come January! But if you do hopefully your doctor has an attitude adjustment before then!

  7. Praying you won't need their services come January!

  8. I am crossing my fingers and toes that you won't need to use Dr. Grim...if it's any consolation I work with many different types of Doctors, and the very best ones I know have the worst bedside manner. So maybe, if you do end up in his cold, likely clammy, hands, he will be exceptional and it will be worth his "bah humbug" attitude? I hope so! Good Luck!!

    1. Your'e very right, this doctor has a great reputation but the bad online reviews have to do with his arrogance/bad bedside manner.

      I'm not sure what I'll do yet. I have a few months to decide.

  9. Bedside manner is a biggie with me. I'd have been upset too!

    I agree with Karen. Would you be able to see a different doctor there, if you have to go back? I hope you won't though!

    1. The greatest Christmas gift ever would be to not have to see any infertility doctor ever again!