Thursday, September 11, 2014

Because dammit, I will it so!

"Come, death, and welcome! Juliet wills it so."
-William Shakespeare Romeo and Juliet

I made an important decision today; I'm going to get pregnant on my own the old fashioned way.
And, I'm going to do it before January.

Okay,okay -  maybe I'm feeling a little full of myself with my weight loss success (9 pounds in 11 days!).

However, I am going to give it my all these next four months. I'm going to continue to focus on weight loss, but, I don't want to give up on my own miracle happening.

So, I will myself to get pregnant.

It's not even breaking new ground. This is something I've done before - a few times in fact.

Let's face it, I've had much better success without fertility treatments than with.
I'm aware that I'm older now and things have changed (most importantly, my cervix). But, it doesn't mean for one second it's not worth trying.

Trying for me will mean sticking with OPK's and/or the fertility monitor (which I love, by the way), checking for EWCM and timed BD.

If only we can get Ryan back to sleeping in his own bed...


  1. Good on you! My sister swore on the vision board she made. I haven't seen it but she made a board featuring her looking very thin, getting married and with a baby - and all 3 have come true! I did one too, but I'm still waiting for mine to work. That doesn't mean it won't... just a suggestion for you too! :)

    1. I love the idea of a vision board! I had one years and years ago when I had a complicated love life (I met my husband not too long after).

      I think I'm going to work on one this weekend, thanks for the reminder!