Sunday, September 28, 2014

What the hell am I coming down with?

My face felt very flush on Friday and it's back today. It feels like the skin on my face is burning from the inside.

I've felt dizzy a few times (no, I'm not pregnant) and I'm coughing so hard I have wet my pants and nearly vomited.
I've been taking a decongestant that doesn't seem to be working. I've switched to an allergy med hoping that would do the trick.

I'm hungry, but, nothing sounds good.

I can hear the wheezing in my chest at night and that makes it hard to sleep. Also, I go between freezing and burning up throughout the night.

On top of all this, Ryan has a pretty bad cough, too. Ryan has been sleeping with me at night and James has exiled himself to the spare bedroom while we recover from this mystery illness. Thankfully, other than the cough, Ryan seems fine. I switched him to allergy meds, too.

Today I'm 10DPO and I'm conducting an experiment. 
I've been on progesterone suppositories every month since February and no longer know what a normal LP for me is unmedicated.

Before I started treatments, it varied wildly, which, apparently, is very unusual. It would be anywhere from 8 to 15.

It could be that my DPO counting was off. I didn't temp and relied solely on OPK's.

So, I've made it to 10DPO and I'm feeling sure that will end sometime tomorrow. I started feeling some pretty harsh cramps yesterday but then, that could have been from the coughing.

I was expecting it last night and made overnight arrangements assuming it would happen as I slept. When I woke up to nothing, I was pretty surprised.

Since we have made a commitment to try on our own until January, I'll go back to using progesterone next cycle just in case a miracle does come our way.

Thanks to everyone who wrote comments on my last post!
Because of those, I came up with about 8 new questions to add to my list for the new RE next month.