Thursday, July 17, 2014

Right Ovary: MIA - Last seen in April

Monday I had my baseline ultrasound to start this cycle of IUI.

Once again, my right ovary was nowhere to be found. This is frustrating because that can impede a successful IVF cycle should we need to go that route. If they can't see the ovary, they can't remove eggs. I've read other women who have had this problem and no eggs could be retrieved from the unseen ovary.

Alright well, that's a problem for the future, right? Right now we're not in an IVF cycle, so that is a bridge I don't need to stress about crossing. 

I started gonal-f on Monday and I have to say, easy peasy. I can stick that needle in my stomach all day long. 
You know why?
Because, I don't feel a damn thing. 

Two c-sections has left my stomach numb from the belly button to about the c-section scar (same deal for a friend who has also had two c-sections - no feeling there at all).

I'm now wishing I could take ALL shots in my belly. In fact, I intend to ask my doctor if the trigger shot must be done in the bottom. My guess is, yes, it has to be. But, it doesn't hurt to ask. 

Also, when (not if) I do get pregnant, I'll have to take a Lovenox shot every single day and I'm hoping that is done in the same area. 

So, Saturday I'll be going in for another ultrasound to see how the follicles are coming along and I hope my right ovary makes an appearance.

The nurse did mention that OHSS is a concern at my age with Gonal-f and if there are more than two mature follicles, the cycle will be cancelled due to the risk of multiples. 

Next week, for ICLW, I'll be paying it forward by giving away a lucky gift to a commenter. 
So, watch this space!

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