Monday, July 28, 2014

Post IUI round-up

As mentioned before, Friday morning I had an ultrasound and blood work done to see where the follies stood.

I had one mature follie and I had a positive OPK that morning and all we needed was the blood work to confirm it was time to trigger. 

At 3:30PM Friday the trigger was done at work and this is the first IUI done less than 36 hours after the trigger. In fact, it was done about 20 hours after the trigger. The doctor told me this was fine because I was on my way to ovulating on my own, anyway. Ovulation has never been an issue for me, I ovulate on my own every month.

While I had a positive OPK on Friday the Fertility monitor didn't show a "peak" reading until Saturday morning. This made me feel very good about the timing.

James provided excellent numbers again. I forgot to ask for a copy of the SA but I do remember that it was a high count post-wash and motility was excellent. 

Sunday I was still seeing a bit of EWCM so I think, maybe, I might have ovulated Sunday. If so, I much prefer the timing of this IUI even thought it was very different than other cycles. If I'm right about that, then it's possible there would have been enough time for a second egg to mature and release. 

Yesterday I was really not feeling well and around 3AM this morning I woke up very sick. Oh great, another stomach bug of some sort.

This, of course, has me doom & gloom thinking that if I have some kind of virus, my body is going to work extra hard to fight that instead of concerning itself with my cause of implanting a fertilized egg. 

My doctor gave me the paperwork to get my HCG Beta done on Thursday 8/7 but I made the appointment on Friday 8/8 instead because that's our fifth wedding anniversary. I feel like that's just good juju.


  1. I got a really good feeling reading this. Hopefully this will be the one where the timing was just right! I'm thinking really positive about you and refusing to contemplate that you might be even entertaining a stomach bug, and even if you are, it will just make that egg want to implant even further for safety!

    1. Your comment is so touching, thank you!
      I've spent most of the day sleeping and nibbling on crackers.

      I'm sure I'm through the worst of it and hopefully will be (mostly) back to normal tomorrow.

  2. Sending very sticky and baby-dusty thoughts your way. Please let this be the month for you!!x

    1. Thank you for that, Haisla.

      Once again, I'm touched that you, and others, are following my journey.

  3. So not happy about you being sick, but fingers crossed that this IUI works!!!!!

    1. Thank you, Brianna.
      Still fighting this stomach bug, I'm afraid. :(