Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Because, that's how I measure time now, days past IUI.

Tuesday at 7:45AM I get my blood drawn for the HCG Beta (pregnancy test). I have to wait for the lab to send the results to my RE who will then call me. I am hoping that, since my appointment is so early, I'll know by lunch. I don't want to be wondering all day long.

My gut feeling?
I'm not pregnant. I think my main reason for saying that is because I've had very PMS type cramping.
Cramps started on the right side for a couple days, then the left side for a couple days, and today, right in the middle. These cramps in the middle are the ones I'm very familiar with.  I always, always, always get those right before my period.

Of course, the role of progesterone in PMS really has be wondering. I've done research but can't really find any answers.

I take progesterone suppositories which is meant to trick your body into thinking your pregnant so as to not get your period prematurely which can stop a fertilized egg from implanting.

So, shouldn't that, in turn, stop PMS completely?

If my pregnancy test is negative on Thursday, I'll stop progesterone and a couple days later my period will come because my body will get the message there is no pregnancy. That makes my PMS signs rather confusing.

I still don't know for sure what we'll do next cycle but, I'm pretty sure it will be one more IUI and then we'll move on to IVF.

Between now and Thursday, I'm happily accepting crossed fingers for a good result Thursday.

One last thing - I'm going all "fan girl" today to say that Stephanie from the "Does this baby make me look fat" youtube blog asked me for my blog address so she can follow my journey.
OMG so exciting!!

Her blog is brilliant and you'd be doing yourself an enormous favor to head over there and watch her videos.
You will laugh like you've never laughed before. I'm posting a link to my favorite video because I am a user of the "magic goo".


  1. Oh my gosh - That video is HILARIOUS! I have tears streaming down my face. THANK YOU for sharing!!


    1. Thanks, Kate.
      You should watch them all, you won't be disappointed!

    2. Haha! Yes after that one I watched the others! They're so true, spot on, and funny!!