Saturday, June 28, 2014

Third times a charm, right?

Happy IUI day to me!

I have some catching up to do before we get to that.

As I've mentioned before, the World Cup is on and USA has provided me with plenty of happy distractions.

So much so that I thought my appointment with the RE was last Thursday, however, it was supposed to be last Friday. Since I was there and they are wonderful, they fit me in.

I was expecting to be told there were no mature follicles and it was too early, come back Saturday or Sunday. However, he did see mature follicles! He said I was ready and to trigger than night and we'd do a Saturday IUI.

Well now, what a surprise! I was really worried that it would be happening early next week and I'd have to miss USA vs Belgium. That concern was put to rest.

I went home happy but once there, got to thinking. I've shown zero signs of being close to ovulating. No positive OPK's, no EWCM and only one high reading on my monitor. I got a bit down because I worried it was too early.

I put my concerns aside and we did the trigger at 11PM Thursday night. It took my husband 3 attempts at the HCG shot - ouch!! But to his credit, this was the first time it didn't go perfectly and I'm not walking around wounded, so all is well.

We arrive this morning at 9AM for James to give his contribution.

I have an interesting side note regarding that:

He's been taking FertilAid & Motility Boost and the last two IUI's yielded 32 million sperm after wash and 50 million sperm after wash.
He ran out about two weeks ago and forgot to tell me so this IUI was going to be a true test to the power of those two products.

His numbers this IUI were still excellent but you can definitely notice a decline. We got 19 million sperm after wash this time.

19 million is not at all concerning and still nearly double the amount recommended. Is it because those two products do actually work or was this a one off? Hard to tell but I'm buying a new supply today.

After James did his part we grabbed a bite of breakfast and took Ryan to PetSmart to look at the fish, kitties etc.

My appointment wasn't until 11AM but I wanted to get back earlier because I wanted to take some ibuprofen and also I decided to use ConceivePlus before the procedure.

We walked in at about 10:35 and the receptionist told me she was just picking up the phone to call me, they were ready for me. That was quick!

I quickly went to the bathroom and used the ConceivePlus and was ready to roll.

You might remember how my last IUI in April was technically very difficult for the doctor. He had a hell of a time getting to my cervix. The on call RE this weekend was not my doctor so I warned her that I'm a difficult case. She did an examination and determined that yes, I am a tricky case. My cervix is pointing up. After some maneuvering she got the catheter in and we were ready to roll.

Once done, they set the timer and I laid back thinking. I thought about the sperm digging into an egg and I thought about my family and friends at the hospital welcoming our new baby.

I saw James trying to give the baby to Ryan to hold and Ryan saying "No, I don't like it!" (trust me, that's almost certainly how it will go down).
I saw my cousin Fiona and her parents holding the new baby just like they did with Ryan.

Then I pictured my friends there with us. I saw Elly making me laugh, Jen being practical as always arriving with a gift basket she collected items for at work and I saw Felicia crying happy tears.

The ten minutes flew by and it was time go home. I went straight to the sofa to lay down. Not because I'm told to but because it makes me feel better to do it.

And now I am officially in the TWW. Blood test to follow on 7/10 - cross your fingers!


  1. It sounds like everything went really well! I hope the next several days fly by for you and you get a good answer!

  2. Thank you, Megan. I'm always hopeful!

  3. just to let you know that it takes about three months for sperm to mature. this would mean that any extra vitamins your husband is taking now will show full effects in about thee months time. making a two-weeks break (or longer) is not really good as the effects get washed out quite quickly. good luck, it is fun reading you, kisses for your son.

    1. You're right and I'm glad you reminded me of that fact, Thank you!