Saturday, April 5, 2014

Happy IUI Day!

I've been very quiet here on the blog front.

It was a busy week at work and I've just been feeling tired a lot lately. Not sure what that's about but Spring is in the air and I fully expect to be back in top form shortly.

We're off soon to the fertility clinic for our second IUI round.

We're not sure how well I responded this time because my right ovary was playing hide-and-seek. However, my left ovary did show one mature follicle that was ready to go so on Thursday night, I did the trigger shot.

Speaking of the trigger shot... Last time you might recall, James practically had to chase me around the house with the needle. Finally when I settled down and let him do it, I didn't feel a thing. Easy peasy.

So you'd think that this time I was calm, cool & collected, right?

One again he had to chase me around the house saying "remember last time you didn't feel a thing!".
Finally I stopped and allowed him to do it. Once again, I didn't feel the shot but this time I am feeling a little sore in the area.

So here we are getting ready to drive to Annandale for IUI Round 2.

We didn't do anything different this cycle however, I feel like the timing is better this time around.

Last month I was scheduled for an ultrasound on a Friday but on Thursday morning I got a "peak" reading on my monitor. So I called my doctor and he had me come in that day to do the ultrasound, sure enough, three mature follicles. So I did the shot that night. I'm convinced by the time we did the IUI on Saturday, I had already ovulated. They didn't do another ultrasound before the IUI so there is no way to know for sure but all signs pointed towards what I suspect - ovulation happened the day before. This matters because the egg doesn't have a long life span at all, roughly 12 hours.

This time, my appointment was scheduled for Thursday and that morning I only had a "high" reading on my monitor and all day Friday I had fertile signs indicating I had not ovulated yet.

Long story short, I feel much more confident in the timing this cycle.

I'm off now and will write another update after the IUI.

Fingers crossed (again)!

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