Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Some very good news

Finally some encouraging news!

The SA James had done last year gave us some grim numbers such as:
20% motility
20% morphology
Not good!

Today we got the results from the SA done last week and holy cow! He now has %65 motility! I can't remember what the morphology was but it was an equally impressive number. In fact, all his numbers were in normal or better than normal range - hoorah!

I'm crediting these results to FertilAid for men and Motility Boost for men. James has been taking them for over a month and I believe they work.

They weren't able to print off the results because the printer was down but we'll get them in a few days via mail for our own records.

We received more answers from my blood work, too.
I definitely do have high prolactin am now on a medication for that. A few other things came to light that are kind of boring but it's all being treated and that's the important thing. 

He gave us two IUI options going forward to conceive and we're discussing which one to start with. One is more medicated but also more aggressive. It also has the added benefit of having a better success rate. 

We have time to decide as now we just wait for AF to show up and then we'll go in with our decision and schedule the treatment of our choice.

Speaking of AF... GRRRR!

Still only a "high" reading on the monitor and "low" reading on the OPK. 
This doesn't completely match up with my CM which is very fertile indeed. 

And since today was the 10th test stick day on the monitor, I have to start another pack of 10. What I'm not clear on is if I do get a "peak" reading tomorrow, if I will still be prompted to take another 10 whole tests. It wouldn't make sense but who knows.

I don't like that I'm ovulating so late but I guess I shouldn't worry about it since I really didn't have much hope we'd get pregnant this cycle on our own anyway.

He does want me to start taking progesterone 3 days after my LH surge and for 12 days after. I'll do that this cycle... just in case.
Yes, always hopeful!