Wednesday, February 5, 2014

PM Update

Today I have my fourth acupuncture session and I'll say that even if this doesn't help me get pregnant, it has eliminated my back pain. That alone has been wonderful!

I have two sessions left in my 6 pre-paid package I paid for. I'm not entirely sure I'll continue, I'm still pondering that.

This morning I posted pictures of my two ovulation tests showing "peak" readings. All day today I had a feeling ovulation had passed due to a nearly total lack of CM whereas the last three days I had it in abundance.

When I got home I took another OPK and it was completely negative. I think, had I taken the OPK last night, I would have gotten a "peak" reading. I believe that ovulation started last night and is done now. 

The OPK and CM would certainly indicate that. Unfortunately, you can only us the monitor once a day at a designated time so I wouldn't have been able to take that last night  but I could have taken the OPK and now I wish I did.

Not because it would have changed any BD plans, we have that covered, but mainly because I'm interested in how long my LH surge lasts. 

One last thing to note but first here is the picture of my negative OPK taken just a moment ago:
The open circle indicates a negative result.  I have the test stick ejected and even though I KNOW you're not supposed to read the stick, we all know that we can usually eyeball the stick and agree with the digital reading. 

When I look at this, the test stick looks positive. IOW the test line (line on the right) looks as dark as the control line (line on the left). 

However, since the instructions tell you to ignore the test stick and only go by the digital results, I'm calling this negative as the open circle indicates.

But, I'll get another BD in tonight... just in case.