Monday, October 27, 2008

** Twilight Spoiler**

My cousin Fiona is reading the second book in the series, New Moon. She has decided that she's in love with Edward. Even though she's at the part of the book where he has left Bella (for what he thinks is her own good) in a horrific way.

But I know why Fiona loves Edward. The reason all girls love Edward, he's perfect (with the exception of having dumped Bella in New Moon). And a perfect man seems ideal.

However, for a while I've been on "Team Jacob". Jacob is by far, the more practical choice. He doesn't have Edward's money, or flash or even devastatingly good looks. But, he does love Bella and doesn't try to control her.

Bella goes a long way towards helping me dislike Edward, too. She can't live without him and that's annoying. She'd rather die then not have Edward. She goes on a self loathing suicide mission when he leaves which make you want to slap her and yell "get over it!".

At the end of the day though, most of us want an Edward. For his part, he is so in love with Bella that he'd rather be away from her than cause her harm. His heart was breaking to have to leave her.

He is undeniably devoted to her. In his eyes, she is the most gorgeous creature he's ever seen, even when she see's nothing but a plain girl when she looks in the mirror. Edwards worships Bella so it's easy to get caught up in "Team Edward".

He's the perfect boyfriend we all wish we could have. He compliments her, buys her expensive presents, protects her with his life and will do, literally, anything to ensure her happiness.

But, I feel pain for Jacob. He loves her, too even though he knows she's made her choice in Edward.

In the end, Jacob finds his happiness and it's a fairytale ending for all involved.

And the girls walk away from the Twilight series swooning, wishing we had to make that oh-so-tough choice between two hotties who unconditionally love us.

Oh well. Back to real life.

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