Monday, September 29, 2008

She's baaaaaaack....

Yes, I'm home. :( :( :(

Why the frownie faces?
Because I didn't want to come home. I wanted to stay with my husband-to-be. I hate leaving him and it sucks that we have to keep doing this for who knows how much longer.

However, it was a good... no, great week.

Friday: I arrive around 10:05AM and am with James by 11:15AM. Heathrow knows how to do passport control and baggage claim (Dulles doesn't but I'll get to that later).
James loads us up in his car and we're off home to Fleet. We have a relaxed day at home and I take a nap.

Saturday: Sleep late and go around to his parents in the afternoon and are there the entire day sitting outside talking. At home James makes us Salmon and bakes potatos while I make us asparagus. Yum! Awesome day.

Sunday: It's into London with his parents for the Chelsea v Manchester United game. It was a fun game and I'm fascinated by the travelling ManU supporters (don't tell James). They have clever songs they sing and I can hear them louder than anyone else in the stadium even though they are clearly the minority.
That night James'dad picks up take-a-way chinese and we have dinner at their home.

Skip forward to Tuesday: We drive up to Liverpool and James patiently walks through The Beatles museum with me. I LOVE it. Afterwards we stop for some hot chocolate at Costa on Albert Dock and we're handed what James refers to as "a bucket of hot chocolate". I agree, it's huge. But, I drink every drop. No one can accuse me of letting chocolate go to waste!

Wednesday: Naked Wednesday... enough said. ;-)

Thursday: We spend a good deal of the day on Oxford St in London shopping and I introduce James to Wagamama (my fave restaurant). I'm not sure he's entirely impressed but again, braves it for me.

And then Friday: A farewell dinner at a nice Italian restaurant with his parents and I get slightly intoxicated. Just slightly.

Saturday: After a bit of car drama, I'm off to the airport. James wasn't able to take me as his Audi won't start and he has to wait for someone to come around to fix it. His buddy Martin picks me up and gets me to Heathrow with time to spare.
Arrive at Dulles safely only to wait in line for ages at passport control then annoyingly wade through hundreds of black suitcases to find my own (which was nowhere near my silver suitcase which I was also traveling with). I'm extremely annoyed at the laziness and patheticness of the international baggage claim process and want to fly immediately back to London.

Sunday: Get up early, then take a nap. Tonya swings by and we're off to a bridal show then Build A Bear for Jade (okay for Jade and Jessica, I make a bride bear).

I miss James.

Speaking of James...

Things James doesn't want you to know:
1. He very lovingly (and with minimal griping) brushes the knots out of my hair when asked to do so.
2. He shed a couple tears when he realized he wouldn't be able to say goodbye to me at the airport.
3. He loves his stuffed dog Barney. It's incredibly sweet.

I got a letter from Senator Webb saying he has sent a request on to USCIS asking them to expedite our Visa application and said that he's asked to be kept up-to-date on the progress.

Mr. Webb, you have my vote when needed.

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