Monday, January 21, 2008

Seriously... Does it get better than this?

I'm off today (thank you US Government) and I'm in bed with my two adorable kitties next to me; with the worlds prettiest and most fun cousin sleeping on the sofa; sending emails to my wonderful boyfriend who is, sadly, at work.

There isn't one thing about this that could make it better. I look around me and realize how truly fortunate I am. And, I wish right now every person in the world could feel as blissful as I do.

Granted, in about 50 minutes I'll be waking up the worlds prettiest and most fun cousin to go for our morning run and she'll grumble especially when I force her to take her medicine of which she argues about. And when I tell her I've let her sleep in and she sees it's only 8:30AM she'll say (once again - as she did yesterday) "gee thanks Jessica." Granted, yesterday I let her sleep in to 7:45. Heh

Yesterday Fiona and I went to see 27 dresses which was fantastic. We both enjoyed it but admitted it's totally a "chick flick". But, seeing as Fiona and I are both chicks, it was enjoyed immensely.

We then also did the very chick thing of making two batches of cookies then sitting down and eating nearly one entire batch.

Yes, no getting out of running today. In fact, I think I'll add an extra mile.

Right, back to my boyfriend now.

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