Wednesday, January 9, 2008


I would definitely describe myself as a procrastinator. Outside of my job, I rarely meet deadlines.

I have a goal for 2008 that is a tall order. The original deadline was December 31st, 2008. Knowing myself well, I was quite sure I'd wait until December 1st and scramble to do a years worth of work in one month.

So, I've broken up the big goal into three smaller milestones and incentives.

(Incentives might not be the right word. I reward myself constantly, rather deserved or not.)

So, I've set up negative consquences should I not meet each deadline.

Deadline 1 - April 30th 2008. If I don't complete part 1 of the goal - Fiona gets my Coach bag.

Deadline 2 - August 31st 2008. If I don't complete part 2 of the goal - Fiona gets my lovely yellow Dooney & Bourke (I drove to Manhattan just to get this bag!)

Deadline 3 - December 31st 2008. If I don't complete part 3 of the goal - Fiona gets ALL the rest of my designer bags and that INCLUDES the Juicy Couture bag (in pink!) I'm getting for my birthday this year.

Fiona has no idea or she'd be happy to sabotage me.
She has the taste for designer bags now; I bought her one for Christmas.

Wish me luck!

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