Thursday, December 6, 2007

Snow, snow go away - Come back when.... I'm in London

Curses! I go to bed and in my sleep dropped back down to 11th.

Yesterday I was able to go out and get the running (okay, mainly walking) done in the snow. It was just starting to come down. The roads were still clear.

On my morning commute, it was a different story. I doubt very much I'll be getting out there today.

In fact, I expect to wake up tomorrow and be in 20th place. Booo!!!
To all you warm climate people I say; NO FAIR!

A week from now I'll be in London! YIPPEE!!

Oh, I'd like to quickly address the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show that aired on Tuesday night. That was great to watch! And, the Spice Girls did a good job for their first time on stage (as a five piece) in 9 years. What fun.

And finally, is there a more adorable creature on the planet than Miranda Kerr? She didn't get on stage much during the fashion show (being the newest VS Angel and all) but when I get my VS magazines in the mail, I always smile at her pictures. She is just the cutest girl (and I say girl because she can't be more than 18).

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