Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

I hope everyone has a safe and happy holiday.
(Except for Veron. Pulling out at the 11th hour is SO not cool!)

Some personal messages now (this is going to take a while).

Daddy - Your little girl loves you.

Aunt Margaret - You're my best friend, really. Thank you for being patient with me for years and years on end. I've learned more than I could have hoped for from you. I love you.

Fiona - Everyday of your life I'm here for you. I love you. The best part of my life has been watching you grow up.

Vanessa - February 14, 2007 (it seems so much longer ago!) will go down in history. You are a remarkable friend. Thank you for all the stuff you helped me with this year. You are going to be an amazing attorney.

Cara - My emotional twin. Thanks for understanding me down to my core. You'll always have a place to stay in England. ;)

Jen - Thank you for being the friend that gently guides me to sensible solutions. That has been completely invaluable.

Dave - I'm lucky to have a friend that is willing to walk the streets of DC aimlessly with me so I can just talk and say things that are in my head out loud.

Ed - What the hell would my work days be like without you?!?! I don't want to think of a world where that exists. Now if only you would work in Virginia so we could get together more often. Thank you for the approximately 60 emails a day. hehe

Barrett - Thank you for putting in double overtime for me in Austin and for the hundreds of miles you are putting on your car on my behalf. It seems we very nearly have a solution!

Speaking of Texans...

David (AKA Houston guy) - Getting to know you has been fun. I'm looking forward to New Year's Eve. Thanks for leaving Houston to spend it with me.

My James - As it stands: 710(?)/100. Right? Thanks for the countless miles put on your car last week (I hope it doesn't take ages to get it repaired). My trip was a million times more amazing than I was expecting and 90% of that was because of you. You're in my heart every second. I can't wait for April 3rd!!
P.S.- London, please? Pretty please? Just near a tube station, that's all I ask!
Okay, Canary Wharf. That's a good compromise. Glad we settled that.

Nate - I like our "Understanding Men 101" sessions. Thank you.

Ben - I miss you so much. Without you, I have to get my own water! Booo!

Suhel - You know I adore you. You are the sweetest friend ever. You fit in more "you're beautiful Jessica" in one hour than I get in a month!

Jim - With you spilling one drink in my lap, our future was sealed. Had you not put knocked that glass over, we'd had never met. Fate is funny that way. And the gummy bear drink was SO much better than what you spilled anyway. heh

Ryan - I know I don't keep in touch as I should these days but you are gorgeous and I love hanging out with you. All I have to say is "ice cream". You were spot on. You can be rather wise for a 23 year old! ;)

Thea and Ann - I put myself at the back of the line again! Tch (Can someone please hurry up and get behind me in line? I feel like I'm spending a little too much time back there!)

Paul C. - Thank you for... everything. Run fat boy, run!

My DCU and Screaming Eagles family - There are way too many to list here but every single one of you are great people.

Bobby - Really? I mean... really?! Okay, fine. See you in Houston, then. Hmph

Troy - Now I have an excuse to go to Oslo! It's one of the places I've wanted to hit on the Jessica World Tour. Good luck!

Dema - Your running in squares has always provided me with inspiration. When I run, you're in the back of my head screaming "NO! You run hard now! Go! Go! Go! Don't be weak - it's just a little pain!" :)

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