Monday, December 17, 2007

London: Day Five

No matter how many times I come to this amazing city, I love it more and more each trip. The people are amazing - we've met some characters along the way - and you can't beat London when it comes to site seeing.

The Spice Girls shows were more fun than I could have imagined. Though I admit, I'm glad I saw them what I can only describe as "full circle". The shows had a way different feel to the ones in 1998 and the Christmas in Spiceworld in 1999.
They are all a lot more grown up now and the routines reflect that.

So, I'm glad I've seen them all so I can document in my brain the evolution of the Spice Girls.

And what I love about watching them here more than America is, the people here are not obsessed with them. They go to the show, have a good time and that's that. I love it.
There was a time when I was plastering my walls with their posters and paying attention to all the news. I've outgrown that just like the girls have outgrown their old spice persona's.

And the people of Britain are the same way. They came out, had fun and went home.
I like the mentality here.

I'll admit, I spent a small fortune on some memorabilia though. But, that's the case everywhere I've gone in London (the people of Britain can thank me for single handedly keeping their economy afloat).

Met a terribly cute and extremely funny Scot yesterday on the train. He had me laughing until my sides hurt. He's great fun to be around.

And here I am, about to embark on a journey outside of London to Hampton Court Palace.

One in our party has developed an inner ear infection and must stay in the flat today. Bummer.

Last thing I want to say about the trip so far is this: I'm not impressed by cars. Red car, blue car, black car - whatever. I couldn't care less. There is a house around the corner from our flat that everyone seems to be impressed with because they have a Mercedes, BMW and Porsche in the driveway. I look and shrug my shoulders.

However, yesterday I saw something that made even me look twice. It was a beautiful black Lamborghini. Oh my.

My darling James drives an Audi. I have no idea what that means but apparently they're quite nice.

I like my Jetta.

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