Tuesday, December 11, 2007

I leave tomorrow!!!!!

Okay, that's way too many exclamation marks, even for me.

But seriously, I leave tomorrow! Thursday morning I will wake up in London!
We're all checking in online at my house tonight to make sure our group gets seats together.

I asked my closest friends if there was anything I can bring them back.
Boy was I sorry for asking!
(As always, I use initials to protect the innocent)

AA-Panties with the Union Jack on them (might get a pair for me too come to think of it...)
EM-Sheffield United scarf (NO, NOT SHEFFIELD WEDNESDAY!)
MC-As many Cadbury Flakes as my suitcase can carry
PS-Demarcus Beasley (might be tough to force on a plane, but I will try)
DG-Ryan Nelsen (see above note)

These were among the more humorous requests. I have more but they were fairly run of the mill.

So to AA, EM, MC, PS and DG; I will do my best.

James, I'm on my way!!! Dinner Thursday night at Ask Pizzaria Gloucester Road Tube Station in the Gloucester Arcade building (it's across from a grocery store - Sainsbury's if I recall correctly - and this could have changed, it has been four years. It could be a pet supply store for all I know).

One last thing. A big announcement will be made by DCU tomorrow. The news basically already broke so I guess it's not big deal that I say it. Even though, I was asked just last night to keep a lid on it, I've already seen it on the web this morning.

Turns out the story hasn't exactly broke. So, I've had to remove this.

Just wait and see though, DCU fans will be very pleased. Sorry, that's all I can say.

Let me thank you in advance for the jersey you will be giving me this season. ;)
PS - I still love Dema.

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