Tuesday, January 16, 2018

My thoughts, so early in the morning

Yesterday morning I woke up around 5AM and, even though it was a day off from work, I wasn't able to fall back to sleep.

I ended up down in the basement, sitting in my favorite recliner, wrapped up in a blanket, feeling warm and content.

My thoughts wandered up the basement steps to where I had just seen our three kitties curled up on the couch, also warm and content.

Then up another set of steps to my sons bedroom. Before I came downstairs earlier, I stopped in his room and made sure he was snugly under his blanket. I gave his sweet sleeping face a kiss. His bedroom covered in treasured Star Wars toys spread on every surface. A globe Grandpapa had just given him the day before standing on his dresser.

I think about how much he loves geography and how excited he was to get a globe. How had I not though of that idea before?

Never mind, he has one now.

Then a few paces away my thoughts enters Hannah's room where I had also been before coming down. I walked into her room, covered her up, too. Her head popped up, she looked at me and reached for my hand.

"Darn" I thought, "I've been caught". It's still early so I might as well lay down next to her and see if I can get more rest.

But, she's back to sleep so quickly I decide to escape. I gently start to stand up and... up pops her head again.

I whisper "Mommy's going downstairs, I'll see you in a little while, go back to sleep sweet girl" then give her a kiss. She says "I love you" and puts her head back down.

Then my thoughts take its final walk down the hallway to my bedroom where I have left my husband just a little bit ago. Sleeping with blankets only half covering him - probably because I had stolen them as I slept. The devoted father, devoted husband, devoted worker. His work ethic for all these jobs is remarkable.

Everyone is sleeping, peaceful, secure.

As a mom and wife, this is what dreams are made of.

I fall back to sleep down there in the basement, in my favorite chair. Smiling I'm sure.