Sunday, July 2, 2017

An abnormal day in the life of my family

What I'm about to write definitely does not show you a typical day but, accentuates how, when things go wrong, they go very, very wrong.

Late Wednesday night James had a sudden and intense pain across the back of his head that was, momentarily, debilitating.

I called our friend Robin (thank goodness for her) to stay with the kids who had been asleep for hours, then we headed to the emergency room.

Long story short, James checked out AOK. It took five hours and some seriously invasive tests (lumbar puncture!) to rule out an aneurism.

We lumbered home with some serious pain meds and fell into bed about 4AM.

Thursday morning was, as expected, a shit show.

At 9AM Ryan came into our bedroom along with Hannah.

Allow me to set the scene:
Ryan and Hannah, as we later found out, had been awake for some time and had been playing downstairs while James and I were sleeping the morning away.

So, when they finally decide they should maybe wake up mom and dad, after having rearranged the living room downstairs, it was quite a view. Ryan was wearing only underwear and Hannah, who had been put to bed in pajamas, was wearing no pajama bottoms and her top was around her waist. To explain further, the neck hole was around her waist with the arms of the pajamas just flopping down by her legs.

With no time to ask questions I hurriedly got them dressed so we could get Ryan to camp before the field trip bus left without him.

Then I took Hannah to day care where I handed her over with the words "Please feed her, she hasn't eaten today" (they had served breakfast an hour earlier and lunch wasn't for another hour) and got back "She hasn't eaten at all... like, nothing?".

Instead of screaming "Stop judging me it was a bad night!*" I calmly (I hope) explained that my husband had been in the hospital and I had to hurry out door to get my son to camp and please just find her something to eat (they did).

*The judging was probably in my head to be honest. The day care workers are wonderful and love Hannah to bits.

The week proceeding this ER visit my in-laws were in town. If interested, you can read all about that on my husbands blog.

As for the kids...

Ryan is now a rising second grader. As discussed in other posts, first grade was tough for Ryan. He's continuing to see the tutor this summer and will be attending summer school starting later this month.

He's enjoying camp a lot and loves the field trips to the water park the best.

Hannah is talking full on sentences now and, a surprise to no one, is rather bossy. Example: "Hurry up daddy".
She LOVES singing! She can sing ABC's near perfectly. "Bah Bah Black Sheep" is a favorite. She sings herself to sleep most nights which was a delight for my in-laws to watch on the monitor.

Her 2nd birthday is less than a month away now! She's the most precocious 2 year told I've ever met.

I hope, so much, that this lasts throughout her life. The world needs more smart, sassy & take charge girls and I believe Hannah is up to the task.

Oh, I nearly forgot to mention we bought a new house and I can't even tell you how much I love it. I walk around filled with pride every single day.
We bought it from our friends who moved to a bigger house and they took such pride in this home that it was a no-brainer decision to buy it. They added so many beautiful upgrades and updates and just took amazing care of it.

I'm having a great time decorating the kids rooms and then will eventually move on to the rest of the house.

Well, I'm off to take Hannah swimming with Harper. Until next time...

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