Monday, August 1, 2016

Hannah the party girl

Hannah's first birthday party was a big success!

It rained a bit before and a lot after but, during party time, it was dry and sunny - phew! The power of positive thinking!

I was concerned that so many people gathered around her would be overwhelming, particularly during the Happy Birthday song and the cake smash but, nope. She was perfectly happy and enjoyed the extra attention. She dug right into her cake and enjoyed every bite.

I really could not have done this so perfectly without my friends; so, huge amount of thanks are heaped onto Steven, Casey & Paul. I have so many talented friends who were happy to lend us their expertise to make her party the best.

Where I would have been happy to let little details slide, they were there to make it exactly right. They are all dedicated troopers and forever have my gratitude.

It was certainly crowded but, we all managed to be comfortable and have a good time. The kids were all really well behaved and the only tears that came down were from kids not wanting to leave.

More thanks to be given to those  who made donations to the Star Legacy Foundation in memory of Nathan who was also born in July.  And, of course, for the many gifts Hannah received.

I'm reminded of all the love and support that surrounds us everyday from friends and family.

As for Hannah's Birthday Celebration Giveaway - congratulations go to the winner Christy!

I couldn't have been happier when her name popped us as the winner. Christy is a fellow blogger who has been a tremendous support to me since before I even became pregnant with Hannah.

Please check out her wonderful blog full of pictures of her adorable daughter, Ellie.

I enjoyed doing a competition so, I'll do another one in a few months. I want to give away something that will be useful to those of you who have boys, too!

Happy August!

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