Wednesday, March 30, 2016

How do you take a cloud and pin it down?

Hannah turned 8 months old yesterday and I thought a lot about her personality as it's developed so far. The words that come to mind include brave, curious, tenacious (but, impetuous), determined and incredibly clever.

In other words, she keeps us (Ryan included) on our toes. Always, always, always on the move!  It would not surprise anyone who knows her if she were walking everywhere this time next month.

Hannah weighs just shy of 17 lbs and her appetite shows no signs of slowing. She's completely off puree foods and eats whatever we eat along with her bottle/sippy cup.
At day care, she eats from the school menu with just a few substitutions.

As for her milestones, we looked through the list last night to see what she should be doing at 8 months. The fact is, everything on the list was achieved weeks, if not moths, ago. She's well ahead of the curve.

All of this is wonderful and the three of us are extremely proud of Hannah.

My in-laws visited over Spring break and they had a wonderful time with the kids. Just like us, they were smitten with our little whirlwind.

Happy Spring everyone!

8 months old!
Easter 2016 (Ryan would have nothing to do with the giant bunny)
Hannah & Ryan watching the geese

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