Wednesday, April 15, 2015

23w (GD test update at bottom)

Yesterday was my first GD test (I'll do at least one more).
The orange drink wasn't as bad as I remembered. After I had the drink I was called back for my normal OB appointment.

Quick stats:
Heartbeat: 150+
Weight: -4lbs (it's okay I promise!)

It was a little strange at first because the doctor came in and recognized me.
Wait... a little background is required here.

I had a different OB when I had Ryan and Nathan. That OB was a one man practice so you only ever saw him and he was the one that delivered your baby.

As it happens, when I went into labor with Nathan, my OB was in the same hospital having emergency open heart surgery so, the practice I'm using now was covering for him.

I was in the hospital on strict bed rest the week before I delivered Nathan so I saw a LOT of doctors. Some that were on the hospital staff and some from the office that was covering for my doctor.

The doctor that ended up doing my c-section was a wonderful man who spent a lot of time with James and I after Nathan died and was well and truly concerned for our well being. In fact, he was my OB's best friend, they're like brothers.

So, when I got pregnant with baby girl, I found out my OB was retiring from OB work and would only be a GYN. So, we chose the office that delivered Nathan.

This office has several doctors and they like for you to rotate and see each doctor throughout your pregnancy.

Back to yesterday.
I'm in the office and the doctor walked in and said something like "Hi! I remember you!" and gave me a hug. I was dumbfounded. I didn't recognize her at all and that was clear because she explained that she had "admitted" me to the hospital with my last pregnancy. She obviously knows the outcome of that so, she was well and truly happy to see me.

She was wonderful and chatty and very attentive. Once again I was overwhelmed with emotion at being treated so kindly. Believe me, when you've been through a stillbirth, you NEED kid gloves. And, I've gotten it at every appointment.

After the appointment I still had 30 minutes left before they could take my blood so I sat and waited. About five minutes before it was time for them to take my blood, I tested my blood with my own monitor. To pass, you need 130 or less. My own test came up as 157!

So now I'm waiting for the official results. Let's hope the one I did was very, very off and I pass the GD test. If not, I go for the three hour test. Ugh

I should hear back today, maybe tomorrow.

Test results in: FAIL
Now I have to do the 3 hour test tomorrow morning.

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