Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Pregnancy is so very glamorous


No news yet from Harmony, hopefully Friday at the latest.

This has been a very tough week. Constipation has ruled my life since last Friday and it's been awful. I have never dealt with anything like this in my entire life.

I tried everything I could find in the drug store, including suppositories (short of enema - I was really hoping to not have to go there!). I ate all the foods suggested to relieve the problem and nothing at all was working.

My doctor suggested a trip to the hospital for IV fluids and "manual removal". Oh, please no!

So yesterday I woke up and said to my husband "this ends today!". Another trip to the grocery store for the magic foods and added every kind of fiber bar I could find.

All day I ate fruit, high fiber oatmeal with flaxseed & water with Miralax mixed in. When James picked me up from work I admitted defeat. We'd have to visit the hospital.

But, let's try one last thing I hadn't tried yet. We went to Rite Aid and I picked up Milk of Magnesia.

That did the trick. I felt like singing out loud I was so relieved. It tasted disgusting but, damn if it didn't get the job done!

I have to admit that all this made me worry so much about the baby. I know in my head that it's unlikely that any of this had an affect on him or her. Still, I can't help but worry.

So there we have it, my glamorous pregnancy story.

On another note, I bought some maternity clothes today. The pants are perfect but, the tops were too small. Holy hell have my boobs gotten huge!

I'll have to return them soon and get a bigger size, I guess.

I'm rather anxious now about my next appointment which isn't until the 20th. I need to see or hear the heartbeat and know that all is well.

Fly by time, fly by!


  1. Constipation was the worst! I ended up using enemas and drinking miralax. Glad you found something to help

    1. Thank you for understand the insane suffering!
      I'm on a daily shot of Milk of Magnesia now. Ugh!

  2. Reading through your blog for the first time and laughing because we have so many weird things in common. I had really bad constipation with my first pregnancy and so this time around got on a regimen as soon as I started progesterone supplementation: Mirilax (generic) every morning in hot lemon water, one Colace (also generic) in the AM, and two Colace in the PM. So far I haven't had Harold (what I call the nasty hemorrhoid that plagued me last time around) make a return, so feeling pretty good. Milk of Magnesia is good, too. If you get the mint flavored and keep it in the fridge, it's less gross. I was particular to the Walgreens brand. (Yes, I know this constipation struggle well!) GL!