Monday, November 10, 2014

Two miles won't kill me, right?

My family has been doing a two mile walk everyday. Ryan begrudgingly agreed to sit in the stroller (for a price, of course) so we can go a bit faster. 

The price we pay is having to stop at a playground along the way. We actually pass three playgrounds on this walk but, there is one in particular that Ryan has taken an interest in. So, we stop for about ten minutes so he can play and then, we're back on our way.

So far I've done it happily but, yesterday was not easy. I'm not sure why but, I think it's because I'm not stretching before and my calf muscles are paying the price.

But honestly, who needs to stretch before a simple walk? Me, I guess. 

I have to admit, the walking is making me feel pretty good.

The only real problem I have lately is eating Ryan's Halloween candy of which he's shown very little interest in. Ugh!

I think I might bring the rest to work and be done with it. I clearly have no self control when it comes to miniature snickers.

Today is CD 6 (I've paid so little attention that I had to look it up). That's my entire November TTC update. Pretty boring, huh?

I have been more vigilant about taking supplements so, that's something.

I'm taking:

  • CoQ10 200mg 3x daily
  • DHEA 25mg 3x daily
  • Royal Jelly 300mg 3x daily
  • Folic Acid 800mcg 2x daily
  • Prenatal vitamin
  • Triple Omega
  • Super B Complex
  • Vitamin D3 1000IU
  • Melantonin 5mg
  • Low-dose aspirin 81mg

I saw the CCRM "fertility cocktail" supplements list online ages ago but, forgot to write it down. I just googled it and here it is:

Poor Responder Supplement for Women

  • DHEA - 25mg x3/day
  • Myo Inositol 2gm x2/day
  • Melantonin 3mg (at bedtime)
  • Co Enzyme Q10 - varies from 200 mg x 2/day or 3/day and 400mg x2/day
  • Omega-3 fatty acid 1000mg x1/day (Same thing as Triple Omega)
  • Vitamin C 500mg x1/day
  • Vitamin E 200IU x1/day
  • L-argenine 1000mg x2/day
  • Pycnogenol 100mg x1/day
What's interesting about this list is that I was taking Ovaboost and it has Vitamin E, My-Inositol, CoQ10 & Melatonin in the ingredients. Though it doesn't list how much of each because it's a proprietary blend.

I might go back to Ovaboost and cut out some of the extra pills that Ovaboost seems to cover.

Does anyone have anything to add to the list?


  1. Ive been taking Ovaboost and I actually really like it. Fertilaid might encompass a lot of them too and you can take FA and Ovaboost together! Might be worth looking into?

    Good luck<3

    1. Yes, I was looking at those two again last night. It could possibly consolidate the ten different supplements I'm taking now.
      I'm going to look further into this later this evening to see if that might be the way to go.

      Thanks for the input!

  2. I haven't got anything to add to your list - it sounds pretty comprehensive. Just wanted to say that I am pretty impressed by the two mile a walk per day regime you've got going on though!! Sounds like a great way to stay in shape and to spend time as a family!xx

    1. Thank for saying that, Haisla. I honestly feel like people are reading that and thinking two miles is nothing. And for a lot of people, it is nothing.
      For me, two miles is the same as a million!

      Hoping to add a little more distance later in the month.

    2. Haisla! Jessica, sorry to hijack your blog but wanted to let Haisla know that I've tried commenting on your last post and it won't let me - just goes to preview and refuses to give a publish option... not sure if it's something you can fix?! Wanted to let you know how pleased I am that you're making progress! xx

  3. Sounds like you're doing freeeking amazingly!
    Well, as you know I'm on the milled flaxseed in smoothies, also maca (more proven for male fertility than female but hey, you know...), hemp seed (for omega 3's) & spirulina for all-round extra goodness (but it tastes like swamp) (although you do get used to it). I do also have flaxseed in capsules if that is better. So all I would add to the list really is flaxseed, because as you know I saw some changes shortly after adding it.
    Well done on the walk! Two miles is a decent distance, and if you're pushing Ryan too then you're adding even more. My exercise is so hit and miss at the moment. I wanted to run today but had a long drive to location, then loads to sort out when I got here, then the crew were wanting to meet me, so I have ended up with another day of mostly sitting down. Frustrating... I took Bill out this morning, but because I met up with a few other dog walkers we ended up walking at a slow pace so I can't even say that I had a decent walk...
    By the way I will look you up on RunKeeper, I just haven't had chance yet (and don't know how to) :)

    1. Based on your suggestion I did buy ground flaxseed months ago. I have to admit I don't have it every day though. I need to work harder on that but, I did have it twice this week.

      Please do look me up on RunKeeper! I'll try to look for you, too. I can't quite figure out how that works but, I will.