Sunday, October 26, 2014

I am "Ryan's mom"

Before my TTC friends read further, this entire post will be about being a mother.

I know I'm among the very few that has a child already and my feelings absolutely won't be hurt if you choose not to continue reading.

Just about a year ago we moved to the house we're living in now which is in a neighborhood called Lowes Island (take the time to click on the link, it's a short but amusing Urban Dictionary posting about my neighborhood - and provides some background for the rest of my post).

After you read that link, you might picture me living in a McMansion but, that's not the case. We live in a 4 bedroom townhouse in an older part of Lowes Island.

When Ryan started the new pre-school here, I was concerned about what kind of kids/parents we'd be interacting with. Only because, generally speaking, I don't fit the part of a Lowes Island mom.

Ryan immediately proved popular with the other kids and that somehow "legitimized" me. What I mean by that is it didn't matter that I'm not the mom that gets up an hour early just to do my hair and makeup and I don't utilize the miles and miles and miles of walking/running paths in our area (though, I should!).

Ryan's popularity has made me acceptable with the Lowes Island mommy crowd. Given that these are the kids and parents he'll be interacting with for years to come, this is important to me.

Don't get me wrong, they're not at all snotty women. For the most part, they're normal working mom's, similar to myself, just better dressed with nicer cars (not that the modern minivan we have is junk) whose kids probably don't insist on running around naked once they get home.

I love that Ryan is so well liked. I beam with pride when kids get excited by him walking in the room. To all the kids my name is "Ryan's Mommy" and James is "Ryan's Daddy".

Friday his school did Trunk or Treat. In case you're not familiar with the concept, I'll give a quick synopsis. Parent volunteers lined up cars in the parking lot of the pre-school and opened up our trunks and kids went trick or treating at each car. And, holy cow, did the parents bring their A game!
The trunks were decorated in a way that I doubt Martha Stewart could outdo. This was our first year doing Trunk or Treat so we were woefully under-decorated.

However, my favorite part of Trunk or Treat was meeting a few parents I hadn't yet met and I heard the same thing over and over "my kid talks about Ryan all the time" and "my kid has been asking for a playdate with Ryan for ages". I gave my phone number and email address to a stream of parents who want to get their kids together with Ryan.

And the girls! Ryan is hugged and kissed by the little girls and, it's the sweetest thing ever. I never get my phone out in time to capture these moments, though.

I can live ten lifetimes and become President of the world but, nothing I ever do could bring my as much pride as being Ryan's Mommy.


  1. I'd be proud too, if I were you! He's such a cutie!

  2. Oh Jessica that is so lovely to read! He is just so gorgeous I'm not surprised they all want play dates with him! Well done on raising such a sweet child!