Thursday, August 21, 2014

#5 is in the books

The doctor did have to aspirate some fluid but it was a tiny amount.

James provided his best numbers yet at 88 million post wash and the doctor said that the IUI was the best one we've done.

I read yesterday that some doctors suggest having a full/semi-full bladder for IUI's and since my doctor never says one way or the other, I decided to not empty before hand.  I did find a study that had 250 women empty their bladder before IUI (control group) and another 250 not empty. The group that didn't empty had a higher success rate. So, cant hurt, right?

I got super busy at work after my morning blog post so the rest of the morning absolutely flew by. I couldn't believe when I noticed it was noon already and James was on his way to pick me up.

Unfortunately, the afternoon felt like it just crept along. James' appointment was at 1PM and mine wasn't until 4 so we went to lunch after his. He had to do a conference call at 3PM so we headed back to the clinic and sat in the waiting room. Talk about boring!

But, I do enjoy the people watching. Especially since it's mostly women and we all know we're there for the same thing; to get a baby. 

We've done all we can now, the rest is up to Mother Nature I suppose. 

Bring on September 5th!


  1. The whole full/empty bladder issue seems odd to be connected to IUI, doesn't it? But it was worth trying - and at least it's free!

    Good luck.

    1. Couldn't agree more, but like you said, something to try that doesn't cost a dime!

      Enjoyed reading your blog today. Thanks for stopping by!