Friday, July 25, 2014

7 to 3 to 1 (or, Fukity, fuk, fuk!) Now with afternoon update!

Today's appointment did NOT go as planned!

To recap, last Saturday I had 7 potential follies. All under 10 and I was hoping for no more than 3.
Blood work:
Estrogen 81
LH 4.7

On Tuesday I returned and there were 3 growing pretty nicely at 12mm, 11mm, 11mm.
Blood work:
Estrogen 233
LH 5.2

Yesterday morning I got a "high" reading on my fertility monitor and OPK. Things are looking good, then!

That brings us to today.
OPK = Peak
FM = High


Ultrasound this morning now shows 16mm, 11mm & 12mm.
So, one barely grew the other didn't grow at all and the last is on it's way to being mature. 
That would indicate the fertility monitor was the more accurate and that's good to know.
(Blood work pending)

I told my RE about the OPK this morning so she said we'll see what the blood work shows but I am scheduled for an IUI tomorrow late morning unless blood work suggests it's too early.

My frustration is with the two follicles that didn't grow much/at all. WTF?! I got the same result on Clomid at 1/2 the cost and no needles!

I voiced my frustration to the doctor and she said injectibles are a numbers game the first time. You don't want to go too high and run a risk of ten mature follicles and having to cancel the IUI. Now we know how I respond to 100iu and if we don't have success this month, we'll up it a tiny bit next month.

Okay, fair enough. But, I feel like last month was my "next month" moment. I don't know if that makes sense but I'm sick of saying "next month". Next month is the one where we'll change this and this and then it will work! Eureka, the secret formula!

I'm whining, I know. I'm paying way less for Gonal-f that most women and for that I'm grateful. I'm not paying for the IUI at all and I have to remember to thank my lucky stars for James' new job that is providing us with all this. 

So, please ladies, be aware that I understand how my whining might sound to many of you who are struggling and have the financial burden as well.

But hey, the bright side... no risk of multiples this month!

PS - Please don't forget to comment on my previous post to win the four leaf clover!

Doctor called close to 3PM
Estrogen 549
LH 31.8

So yeah, I'm surging.
I'm at work and my very brave co-worker (and friend) watched the video with me and then gave me the trigger shot. Seriously, I owe her because she did a great job.

That Estrogen number would indicate that only one follie will release an egg. Still a little disappointed about that so let's hope it's a good one!

IUI at 11:30AM tomorrow. Here we go!


  1. I was in a similar situation on this past cycle when I got pregnant. I had one mature and two that weren't. We triggered and by time of the iui they were mature. I got pregnant with triplets and lost one, now it is twins. Sometimes the cycles that seem to be a bust are the ones that will give you a baby :) Hoping for good news.

    1. Thank you, thank you, thank you Just T! This right here is exactly what I needed to hear.
      I'm still not feeling great about the odds but you came along and lifted my spirits.

      Congrats on your twins. I am wishing you a very happy & healthy nine months.

  2. Two things... first, it only takes one so don't give up yet. Secondly, I completely agree how frustrating it is to hear that these expensive treatments serve as "learning experiences" for the next month. Isn't the goal for there not to be a next month?!?! I've heard Drs say that "IVF can be very informative" but of course this only when it doesn't go well and then you might have a better idea of why it didn't go well. I don't think any of us go into the treatments hoping for more information, we go into it hoping for a baby!

  3. If only the treatments were cheap enough for you to be able to look on the informative months as just that!
    But the other commenters are right, it only takes one. Hope IUI went well and you're feeling ok. Thinking of you, hugs!

  4. Thank you and I'm thinking of you, too.
    I hope the next two weeks are good for you.