Monday, February 3, 2014

Moving on up

Today was my third acupuncture session and I couldn't have been more uptight.

My appointment was at 5PM and I expected it to be over by 5:30 and we'd be on our way to get Ryan.

At 5:20 I was still in the waiting room getting very annoyed. By the time I got into the room I was frustrated and tense. I tried to relax but the very, very stupid waves & seagulls sound machine combined with the fact that I was worrying if I'd get Ryan from pre-school on time was making me just too tense to relax.

I'm writing this off as a wasted session.

As for my CBE Fertility Monitor, today I was happy to have it.
Day 14 of my cycle showed a "high" reading on the monitor. What's interesting is that the CBE Advanced OPK didn't show a high reading (meaning no blinking smiley).

(See picture below)

The point of these two products is to give you as much warning of impending ovulation as possible so you can BD leading up to ovulation and on the day you ovulate.

Both of these products claim they're testing for the exact same thing so it's interesting they don't match.

I agree with the monitor based on the CM I've had yesterday and today. I expect both will show "peak" tomorrow.

My major complaint with the monitor is that it made me start testing on CD 6 which means today I've used the 9th test stick. If I don't get a "peak" reading tomorrow then I'll have to use an 11th test stick. They're meant to be used in sets of ten each month.

Requiring me to start testing on CD 6 was a waste of at least 1 stick. If I don't peak tomorrow, I'll be super annoyed at how this system works.

Of course, all of this is my last ditch effort to get pregnant on our own before we start fertility treatments next cycle.

Tomorrow morning is our consultation to go over all the test results and his suggestion on what treatment to pursue.

Wish us luck!