Friday, January 31, 2014

A potential silver lining... maybe

I underwent a painful procedure today but the results were good. And, the procedure itself also yielded some potential answers.

I had a hysteroscope which was done to look for fibroids, scarring and PCOS. The first bit of good news is nothing was found - everything looks great!

But the difficulty in performing the procedure made the doctor consider that our infertility could be related to something entirely different.

If you are easily grossed out, no need to read further.
You've been warned.

The doctor was having a very hard time finding my cervix (this happens to me at nearly every gyno/OB exam). He had to use an extra long speculum and finally was able to get to it. It was so high in fact that he had to pull it down which was extremely uncomfortable. Then he had to dilate the cervix to thread in the rigid tube that would take the pictures.

Afterwards he said that it's not unusual to see women who've had c-sections (and I've had two) to have an unusually high cervix.

He speculated that the very high cervix position could be the cause of our infertility.

The bad news about this is it means conceiving naturally would be very difficult. But, I was expecting that anyway, just for different reasons.

The good news is this could well mean that a run-of-the-mill IUI would be successful. This is because with an IUI they put a catheter into the cervix and insert semen directly into the area where it's most likely to connect with an egg.

I got up early to go the Lab Corp to get Prolactin levels checked again, too.

Speaking of, I might as well get into that, too because it was very interesting (to me at least).

As reported yesterday, the first round of blood work showed high prolactin levels. He wanted to test that again because prolactin is best tested on a 12 hour fast first thing in the morning. My original blood work was not done under those conditions.

I took to the Google to research high prolactin and discovered at least one symptom that I do have; lactating breasts even when not pregnant. Nothing major and only when the breast is, well, squeezed.

I told the doctor and he checked to see if he could get my breast to lactate and it did. He had a eureeka! moment with that. He said this could well also be causing our fertility issues. Again, this is easily fixed with medication.

Tuesday we have our consultation to discuss all the test results and how to proceed.

All in all, I'm feeling much, much more positive about all this.

Keep your fingers crossed!