Saturday, January 24, 2009

Remembering to be grateful

I spent a while this early evening fuming over a situation that was causing me to lose my temper with a friend. James spent some time trying to calm me down and it mostly worked. But, I still felt a bit outraged so I called my close friend Jen. She listened to my venting and offered her support for my outrage and that was terrific.

However, I clearly still felt frustrated because I called my Maid of Honor to be, Tonya. And this is where all my outrage flew right out the window.

I told her a little about what I was upset about and she sympathized with me and expressed her opinion on the situation.

Then we began catching up on her life. This isn't Tonya's blog so I won't get into what she had to say but I suddenly realized how, at the end of the day, I am so incredibly lucky.

My problem just melted away because I realized how I was fuming over something that was, actually insignificant. This was not a real problem compared to what others are going through.

And it reminded me how damn lucky I am to have James. He's so incredibly loving, supportive and a true partner to me in every way.

I can't imagine that quite so many people have it as good as I do. I need to learn to not sweat the small stuff as they say (and it's all small stuff).

I may not always agree with people I care about but it's really not all that important.

All I have to do is what I think is right and best for myself and for James and life will be just fine. Because I know James is always working on doing what's best for me.

I never have to wonder of question. I am an incredibly fortunate lady.

This is for you James. Thank you for every little (and big) thing you do.
I love you.

And thanks to Jen and Tonya for being there when I needed to whine.

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