Monday, July 7, 2008

A question of where to live

As much as I love living in our nations capital (or at least in such a close proximity), lately I've been wondering if this is the right place long term. I suppose this is natural when you start thinking about your life as no longer being just your own. I'm going to have a husband soon and children not too long after (mother nature permitting).

I've been considering quite a few cities such as Charleston, SC; Raleigh/Durham, NC; maybe even Georgia. And I really enjoy Seattle, WA and (begrudgingly) Austin, TX.

I decided to take to the internet for help. I took a pretty comprehensive quiz that helps people make just such decisions. It asks questions such as what type of climate do you prefer and how important is tax rates, crime, cultural events etc.

I go through this exercise to be told that I should be living in Washington, DC. Interesting that none of the cities above were even in the top ten. In fact, Charleston, Raleigh and Austin weren't on the list at all.

At this point, I remember that it's not just me that has a stake in this. I send James the link and I wait.

He returns with his list and, it's nearly identical to mine. In fact, the top five are the exact same.

Turns out, we're exactly where we should be.