Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Growing, learning, moving

When I moved into the little apartment that I now occupy, I was so proud. It would be the first time in my entire life that I was to be living completely alone.

The first night I asked Susan if she would spend the night because I was afraid. I was 30 and totally did not want to sleep alone.

However, after my dad, my aunt & Fiona and Tonya left; I told Susan to go home. I would spend my first night in my new place with my own company only. And I did.

It felt great. I made the apartment into a complete "Jessica" home.

That Christmas two additions were added to the household and I had myself a little family. I felt so accomplished and happy.

It's been nearly three years now and we're leaving this apartment. I'm a little sad and a lot nostalgic.

While I'm happy for Jet and Jude (they'll now have 3,000 sqft to run around in), I wonder how much I'll miss the place that holds many memories. I've hosted friends and family here and have had some great times. Of course, I can't romanticize too much - there have been some awful times here, too.

None the less, the last memories of this little apartment (which has lately felt suffocatingly small) will be great ones with James. It's appropriate that he should be the one to close it out.

I'm pleased that I'll have a giant bedroom (and a bathtub large enough to have a party in). The kitties will even have their own bathroom. More importantly though, I'll be working towards the next phase in my life.

The real growing up begins now. This is where I take the steps that changes my world forever and for the better... this is where we start the process of adding James to the family.

I'm happy, excited, scared and completely (not to mention unexpectedly) in love.

Wow! I'm in love. Jessica. Is. In. Love.

The past is in the past. The future looks unbelievably brilliant.

Thank you for loving this evil little princess, baby.

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